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I am cisgender, female assigned at birth. I was born in Houston and raised in San Marcos, TX. I am from a Southern, poor and working class family of Ashkenazi Jews.


My orientation to counseling is informed by paradigms of change and healing that I have been immersed in for many years, including Vipassana meditation in the tradition of S.N. Goenka and Sayagyi U Ba Khin, mutual accompaniment, yoga, mind-matter-body connection and the somatic phenomenon of trauma, DBT, ancestral and intergenerational legacies, Mexican Indigenous and African Indigenous spiritualities, social psychoanalysis and liberation arts.

My counseling work is also deeply informed by all of my clients over the years who have taught me through their suffering and healing, what works, what doesn't and how I may best accompany my clients.




  • Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA:  Ph.D. Candidate of Depth Psychology-Community, Indigenous, Liberation & Eco Psychologies

  • Alliant International University, Mexico City: MA in Counseling Psychology, Latin American Family Issues

  • University of Washington, Seattle: BA in Psychology; BA in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Texas #202168

  • Autistic Adults; Loved Ones of Autistic Folx

  • Latin American Family Issues

  • Narcissistic Abuse & Gaslighting (i.e. Societal, Legal, Familial, Religious, Partner/Ex-Partner)​​

  • Gender, Sexuality & Sexual Orientation

  • ​Class Struggles + Impacts of Capitalism

  • Relationships, and Family-of-Origin Issues

  • Trauma


have worked in social services and counseling for 23 years in Austin, Houston, Seattle and Mexico City. My work has focused on being with people in their struggles and celebrations, and in their contradictions and integrations with social & cultural identities; body politics; gender, sexuality and sexual orientation; and with individual and collective trama. This includes communities, groups and individuals, families and partnerships.

Some populations include: people with a desire for deep healing from trauma in their family of origin; domestic violence survivors; immigrant families and individuals; autistic adults; transgender folx; survivors of sexual trauma; survivors of structural violence; and survivors of gaslighting abuse.
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